Get ready to roll your way through town with the 7th Year of Bristol Cocktail Week! Hosting a series of unique events throughout the city, we once again bring the combination of knowledge and fun that has become such a staple of the Bristol cocktail world. Expect tea parties, absinthe-soaked artists, endless tequila, fabulous quizzes and plenty of saucy gypsies thrown in for good measure. For those who just can't get enough fun, we've also created a custom BCW board game for the week! Find it tucked away to play for free in any of the bars who're in the game. 



Head on over to our events page to check out the list of fabulous happenings we've designed for BCW 2017. 


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Curious to check out the competition? Here's a handy list of all the bars playing this year...and what extra rules they're adding.


The Board


To accompany the events this year, we've created a unique game to play in any of the bars involved. Dash around Bristol in a race to circumvent the board! Read the rules carefully, and feel free to make up your own. Easy to play, even easier to betray everyone you used to call friend. All you need is one 6-sided dice, some patience, and a burning desire to not be labelled a silly egg.